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An Original Talent

An Original Talent

Drawing inspiration from antiques, Asian Arts and classical movies, Turkish jewelry designer Begüm Kiroglu has charmed and fascinated the world with her inventive, more-is-more designs that evoke nature and mysticism. Her line, Begum Khan, was born with a pair of cufflinks she created and gifted her brother—fast forward several years later, that thoughtful gift morphed into a full-fledged business. Today the Istanbul-based line is carried by some of the world’s top retailers. Read on to learn more about her creative universe and covetable style.


“I love wrap dresses which resemble kimonos. I have a silk camouflage dress from Silvia. I adore it so much. I think I wore it for three Important events within two years and got photographed with the same dress over and over. The purple dress is very similar to that—a perfect fit for me.”


Color and nature play a key role in a lot of your pieces. How would you define your brand’s signature aesthetic and where do you find inspiration?

For me color, nature, fun, a sense of humor, elegance are everything. I get inspired from everything around me. I get inspired by music I listen to, or a woman sitting next to me when I’m in a restaurant, something I see in a museum, I really have open eyes, open ears, and an open heart. I have a colorful and exotic aesthetic—I think this is also why I love Silvia. We have a lot in common in our aesthetic. For me, a brand should be young and fun but elegant and timeless at the same time. Each design should be innovative and should have a sense of humor.


How did you first come to meet the ST brand and what attracted you to it?

I first met Silvia in Paris at a fashion week party when I was with Edgardo and Ricardo from Aquazzura, they introduced me. First of all, she is a Venus. She is a huge center of sweetness and strength at the same time. She is so elegant and so fun. It is difficult not to get attracted to her. And after I met her, I discovered her brand and it all made sense why the brand is so beautiful.

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