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In the Spotlight: Alex Rivière-Sieber

In the Spotlight: Alex Rivière-Sieber

In a trend-driven, visually-saturated world, Alex Rivière-Sieber's refined effortless elegance serves as respite from today’s visual noise. Minimal, yet highly-sophisticated, we have long been admirers of the timelessness and subtlety of her style. 

Summer plans, tailoring and clothing as a means for self-expression, we touched base with the multifaceted entrepreneur.


Long before the term “quiet luxury” became so ubiquitous, your style has always been characterized as timeless, elegant and never over-the-top. Can you share a little about how you approach dressing?  

Despite trends are actually happening and we all get caught by them at some point, I believe my sense of aesthetics has been quite linear in the past years. I always liked to invest in good pieces, buying quality over quantity even if it might sound cliché. I believe very few things can beat good tailoring, a perfect poplin shirt and a good pair of jeans. I try to buy pieces I know I will never end up hating, although I have made some mistakes!


On that same topic, why is fashion so important when it comes to how you present yourself to the world? 

I think how we dress says more of our character than we think, and depending what you wear - where and how - can send very different messages. I’m all for minimalism, architecture and the beauty of things in life. At the same time, I don’t like to be loud or noticeable for obvious reasons.


Tell us a little bit about the pieces you are wearing and what drew you to them?

I have known Silvia Tcherassi for many years, and despite people might think I’m all for black, which I am in most instances, when I do color I like to do it right. Silvia has always achieved the most beautiful palettes and prints, and this last collection inspired me of Italy and the lake, a place I love. How the dresses perfectly matched the colors in nature was just beautiful.

I choose each one of them for different reasons… from the short floral mini dress as something very romantic and different, to a perfectly cut poplin shirt and maxi skirt as more dramatic but elegant.


With summer right around the corner, do you have any exciting plans or projects that you are looking forward to?

Summer is around the corner and a few exciting friends and family trips are coming, although work will still be one for the next two months. We are opening our first Showroom/Flagship store for ALEX RIVIÈRE STUDIO in Madrid and we couldn’t be more excited. Also, a very special design collaboration will be launching in September!

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