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Candace Bushnell: A Woman of the Present

Candace Bushnell:  A Woman of the Present

A gifted storyteller and chronicler of modern-day times with the most covetable style, Candace Bushnell is as magnetic and interesting as the characters she enacts both on the page and screen. A lot like her writing and signature plot twists, you can never predict what she will be wearing next, but you know it will be good. 

Having worn looks by Silvia Tcherassi recently and throughout the years, we reached out to the New York Times bestselling author to hear more about the role fashion plays in her work, the icons she brings to life through her writing and her recent sartorial picks.

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As the author behind the Sex and the City series, 4 Blondes and Lipstick Jungle, you are no stranger to fashion. In a few words, tell us why fashion is so important to you and your work.

New York City is one of the fashion capitals of the world so if you live in New York, fashion is an essential part of the fabric of life here. We still have what we call “the garment district” in New York, where at one time, actual clothes were manufactured. That doesn’t exist anymore but New York is one of the places people still come to make it in fashion. That being said, even when I was a small kid, I was interested in fashion. Back then, in the 1960’s, your mother would sew your clothes from Butterick patterns, and I remember doing consulting on my clothes from an early age. And later on, my mother and I spent a lot of time clothes shopping—mostly at Loehman’s, the discount designer store. I bought my first pair of hot pants there, and I was the first one to wear hot pants to school in the eighth grade.


Some of your characters have become fashion icons of their own. Why do you think this is and why is clothing and styling so important on the screen?

On the screen, fashion is an integral element for defining a character. Because my tv shows are set in New York, a certain kind of very sophisticated, cutting edge fashion makes sense for the characters because fashion is a part of their lives, especially in Lipstick Jungle, where one of the characters was a fashion designer. Whether someone becomes a fashion icon is a completely different story. My sense is that it can’t be manufactured, it’s some kind of innate sense of style and aesthetics. And there’s a physical element: does the person look good in clothes.


We love your sartorial choices and your expert use of color, volume and proportion in your different looks. What are your go-to looks or pieces for high-impact style?

I don’t think I have any particular go-to look, although my stylist, Nolan Meader, describes it as “playful,” and that’s probably accurate. I do think I have an outgoing, fun aspect to my personality. I also like clothes that get attention.


How did you first get acquainted with the Silvia Tcherassi brand?

Through my stylist, Nolan Meader. He brought me a couple of Silvia Tcherassi pieces and I loved them. Silvia Tcherassi really understands the kinds of clothes you need to live in a place like New York. I love it all—the chic daytime dresses, the super-cool suits and the stunning evening gowns. And the colors. Spectacular.

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