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Modern-Day Spectacle

Modern-Day Spectacle

A contemporary and thoroughly refined take on the current and upcoming season, our Fall 2022 collection is a noteworthy intersection of revisited signature designs and constant innovation.

Magical Abstractions


Among the presence of house staple fabrics such as silk, cotton and jacquard, the collection also includes wool and other natural textiles that provide striking contrast with the aforementioned fabrics and further expand the brand’s repertoire.

A Flush of Red


Featuring a seasonally-appropriate palette that blends intensely rich jewel tones, such as plum and mulberry, with tonalities like burnt orange and terracotta, the silhouettes and patterns mimic sinuous curvatures and misshapen lines reminiscent of seemingly layered horizons.

An Autumnal Palette


“This season, I had the opportunity to explore materials that have always fascinated me. Some of these I had worked with in the past, but now they are at the forefront. The wools and natural textiles are not only precious, but they further strengthen my commitment to more sustainable practices”shared Tcherassi.

Vertical | Horizontal


The brand’s predilection for solids continues, as well as in other more delicate manifestations, for example miniature repetitions.

Bold Imagery


Elegant and utterly sophisticated without being excessive or over-the-top, the silhouettes and materials of the collection radiate femininity and self-confidence.

Rich Detailing


“Fall 2022 has allowed me to further explore and I am pleased with the results, as the collection embodies that relaxed glamour and comfort that we are all seeking right now,”concluded the designer.

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