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Three Generations in Design

Three Generations in Design

A strong foundation followed by an enduring legacy marked by dedication, creativity and innovation: The Silvia Tcherassi brand is a tale in motion with three generations of great women at its helm. As the house commemorates its 30thanniversary, we celebrate the females behind the creative universe: Vera, Silvia and Sofia.

The New Drive


Quite literally born into fashion, Sofia Espinosa Tcherassi’s earliest memories include mannequins and swatches. “I used to spend a lot of time at my mother’s studio as a child—there is even a photograph of me in my baby carriage at one of her shows,” she shares. After high school, Sofia headed to Parson’s in New York where she also accrued valuable experience at places like W Magazine, Gabriela Hearst, Oscar de la Renta and with stylist Christina Ehrlich. As her studies concluded, she formally joined the company as Director of Ready-to-Wear. “In this role, I get to be involved in the entire process behind our collections: from concept and production to presentation. I work alongside my mom during each phase.”


The Trailblazer


A true pioneer with boundless creativity, Silvia Tcherassi’s career and vision set a lot of precedents and marked a lot of firsts for design in Latin America. As the first Latin designer invited to present her collection in the Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks, she redefined luxury fashion under her own terms, putting forth a fresh vision that was entirely hers. “I was intent on creating a brand that although made in Latin America, would have international presence and prestige,” the designer has stated. An interior designer by trade, Silvia’s concept of effortless elegance has evolved through the years while staying true to its essence. “When it comes to interiors and fashion, I have the same outlook: Achieving that perfect balance between colors, proportions and textures, while highlighting contrasts and of course, a considerable attention to detail. When you have a clear, defined vision and style, you can easily apply it to different fields.” As Creative Director of the brand, Silvia is the epicenter of the Tcherassi universe, which has explored other territories such as home and hospitality.


As Co-Founder and President of the company, Vera de Tcherassi is one of the most influential pillars of the brand. “I am always thinking about the future of the company and more recently, I have thought a lot about the legacy we are building both on the fashion and business fronts,” shares Vera, who along with her daughter, Silvia, founded the brand more than three decades ago. An highly significant source of wisdom and experience, Vera’s perceptive nature and drive for growth have been crucial to the company’s expansion. A fierce advocate for more sustainable practices within the industry before it was part of the larger conversation, Vera’s campaign for the environment are part of the brand’s ethos, “Sustainability has always been a sort of instinctual impulse and we have always made use of every single leftover material. In our world, there is no such thing as waste, and all that remains from other collections will subsequently be turned into something else.


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