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Mommy & Me: Candice Miller

Mommy & Me: Candice Miller

As founder of the Mama & Tata platform, an insider guide that helps mothers be the best version of themselves, Candice Miller is taking on her best role yet—mother of two beautiful girls: Mackenzie and Leighton. A passionate and multi-faceted entrepreneur with an eye for all things chic, we talked to her about her exciting project, her plans for Mother’s Day and of course, her versatile yet utterly feminine style.


How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year?

I’ll be in the Hamptons with my girls (hopefully I’ll get spoiled with breakfast in bed! 😉 😉)and we will have lunch with our closest family friends outside at our favorite restaurant, Tutto. Fortunately, my Mom is flying in from Palm Beach with my grandmother to make it even more special for dinner with the entire family in NYC.

You are the mother of two beautiful girls. How has being a mom changed your style?

I’ve always had a strong personal style and that has evolved with time, but what I learned from my own mother is that everything comes back around, so I archive everything for my girls because clothing is so much a part of the times, and history repeats itself.

Motherhood made me appreciate classic staples and comfort because I’m running around all day but still do not want to compromise my personal aesthetic, so I have my favorite jeans in every color, and multiple pairs, my favorite basic t-shirt in every color and multiples. I’m even that way with my shoes, I buy 2 at a time when I find something that really works. I’ve always been ultra feminine, so dresses at night are my go-to, but the heels have definitely decreased in height since kids. I’m not looking to hurt myself for the sake of being the tallest woman in the room!


Your top tips for balancing work and family life?

There’s really no such thing. My greatest recommendation is staying true to a routine. If you make sure to ground yourself each day, and create space, the rest will follow. I find it’s the women who forget to be good to themselves, who end up struggling with the juggling act. When you start your day with nourishing your body, having some quiet time for mantras or breathing, exercising to loud music if the quiet isn’t your thing, just finding whatever it is that fuels your strength and energy to start the day, release toxins, and go into it with a clear head. That to me is what allows you to accomplish all you need.

I also try to leave my phone in my room once the kids are home from school until bedtime so I’m not distracted by work emails/managing social media, and always make at least 1 date night with my husband each week.

Motherhood is at the core of the business you started with your sister. In a few words, can you tell us what Mama and Tata is and why you launched it?

Mama & Tata was launched for 2 important reasons. The first, to help guide Mothers in their new role whilst not neglecting themselves, and the other to support and inspire female entrepreneurs who wanted to continue working and pursuing their passions while being Mama! I believe I was able to provide both of these crucial elements to women who have the most glorious and rewarding, yet challenging job in the world. It was my own journey and process with Mama & Tata that inspired me to pursue my dreams of starting a womenswear label, Black Iris, with 3 other incredible mothers!


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