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Fall 2023

This proposal celebrates and praises modern-day women through versatile silhouettes that feel current and completely elevated thanks to memorable embellishments, such as incorporated metal-pieces that heighten a garment like built-in jewelry. The collection’s streamlined pantsuits, commanding jumpsuits and feminine dresses effectively capture the essence and spirit of different kinds of women.

The pieces have a complementary nature to them, becoming ideal for creating layered ensembles that transition well from season-to-season and give the wearer license to experiment. Among the materials used are silks, cotton, wool and several brocade options that range from classic florals to a surprising gold polka dot design, echoing women’s fashion from several decades ago. A mesmerizing display of color and texture, the fabrics and silhouettes are a statement on their own.

Following the houses’ penchant for unexpected contrasts, the offer features solid pieces in seductive and vibrant shades as well as thoroughlysophisticated looks in a darker, more refined color palette. The extraordinary formations within marble slates were among the references studied for Fall 2023: The unusual and remarkable veins and patterns in them and other naturally-occurring rocks are unique and one-off, but rather than take a literal reading, the approach was on the conceptual side.

“A piece of marble is like a photograph of time—of thousands of years that have passed. During this timeline, the role of women has evolved and today, we celebrate our accomplishments and conquests and look to the future with assured optimism. This is a brand founded by women, for women, and I didn’t want to present another collection without making a profound statement on feminine power,” shared Silvia Tcherassi.