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Mother & Daughter

Mother & Daughter

In honor of Mother’s Day, Sofia Espinosa Tcherassi interviewed her mother, Silvia. Read on to see the great advice she has for her daughter!


As a recent graduate in Fashion Design from Parson’s, what advice do you have for me?

You are graduating during an extraordinary moment in history in which the fashion industry is going shift completely and you are going to be witnessing this very closely, which will be a fascinating and enriching experience for you. You must take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, whether they are personal or professional in kind— growth comes from experience and creativity thrives on this. I would also add that as a designer, you have to be in constant observation of life around you—this is how the best inspiration comes to you. I advise you to be disciplined and perseverant, as this is a job just like any other: while there is a large creative component, it also requires a lot of dedication.

In what ways has my grandmother influenced you and your career?

In so many! You know that my mom is an eternal optimist, visionary and that when she gets an idea, she will not rest until it comes to life. These are qualities that have awakened a positive and an entrepreneurial spirit in me. The word “no” doesn’t exist in her vocabulary and no matter how challenging or difficult a situation might be, she always approaches it as an opportunity.

I am looking forward to starting my own family one day, and like you, I also want to have a career in fashion. What advice do you have for family and work balance?

I think the secret is to really enjoy the moments when we are together and to make the time to be as a family. I feel very lucky that both you and Mauricio enjoy fashion as much as I do because work is also family time. That being said, families require more than time together: it requires unconditional love, profound respect, learned lessons and shared experiences. Life has a way of teaching you how to take the best decisions, and for that, you will always have us to support and advise you.


Right now, we are creating face masks from remnant materials. Can you tell me more about this initiative?

It’s moments like these where we have to show more solidarity than ever. We have decided that mask sales in Europe will go towards Caritas Española, an organization that fights poverty, exclusion, intolerance and discrimination. They have been doing an admirable job during the pandemic. We hope that our contributions motivate them in their noble mission.

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